Panasonic Wireless Home Theater System

Panasonic Wireless Home Theater System

Anyone looking to add a wireless home theater system to their entertainment options at a relatively low cost will no doubt be tempted by the Panasonic SC-PT750 system.

It certainly is one of the best value options around, although if you prefer to get top of the range models and don’t mind splashing out more money then there are more complete packages on offer.

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The top selling point for this home entertainment system might be the price but there are plenty of features on it too. It comes with surround speakers, an iPad docking area, HDMI output and is XM Satellite radio ready.

One of the things which will first attract your attention is the powerful sound which comes out of the small speakers. They really offer a great surround sound, which as we all know is an essential part of the home movie experience. Most user’s report that it isn’t even really necessary to do the messy calibration exercise which most systems force you to go through. The speakers can be mounted on your walls if you want to keep the floor clear and get a better angle on your sound too.

As regards possible downsides, if you are looking for video or digital audio input options then you won’t find them here. Also, the wireless speakers aren’t completely wireless – which is the case with similar systems – although they have fewer wires than a lot of other models.

The iPad dock is a nice feature which could come in very useful. This is Panasonic’s most basic wireless home theater system from their fairly extensive range but it still includes handy features such as a 5 disc CD or DVD tray and a very nice look.

If you want an attractive and well designed way to turn your lounge into a home cinema without blowing your budget then the system will do the job very nicely.