LG Blu-Ray Wireless Home Theater System

LG Blu-Ray Wireless Home Theater System

LG has revealed their new, all inclusive, system, model LHB976. This new system includes everything you need to enjoy digital media. Whether you want to view pictures, listen to music, watch movies, or stream LG SmartTV this new system will provide excellent results. With this one device users can control all of their digital files. In addition, the new blue-ray system allows consumers to download aps with the click of a button. You can even download the Iphone or Android ap and control your new blue-ray player with your phone.

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The LHB976 Blue-ray package includes two HDMI inputs, two wireless rear speakers, built in wi-fi, a docking station for either IPhone or Ipod, and blue-ray 3D playback. The entire system was rated with a maximum power consumption of 1100 watts. LG representatives also explained that the system includes a special sound processing mode for the wireless speakers. This mode is said to spread the sound more evenly between speakers giving a better sound and making it sound as if you have many more speakers on your system.

LHB976 includes all of the streaming media products found on LG models lsat year. You can connect to YouTube, Pandora, Vudu, CinemaNow, or Netflix. Watch movies, tv shows, documentaries, or sporting events. However, the new blue-ray home theater system also links you to NHL GameCenter, MBL TV, NBA Game Live, and Amazon’s Video On Demand. You can also connect your PC to the home theater system to access your music, photos or videos.

During the unveil it was not revealed when the new Blue-Ray wireless home theater system would hit the market or what the cost would be. However, with the instant demand for the new system LG is sure to get things moving fast.

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