Best Wireless Adapter

Best Wireless Adapters


A wireless adapter is a device used in the physical building of a wireless network. This device is used by a customer and is normally built on the customer’s computer. This device aids in the sending and receiving data without the need of a physical cable.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Best Wireless Adapter

  • Type of computer and availability of slots
  • Data transfer rate
  • Security Protocols
  • Availability and type of Antenna
  • Cost

Types of Wireless Adapters

There are many types of wireless network adapters some of which are discussed below. Type consideration is important because it is dictated by the end user needs.


These are adapters designed for use with desktops. PCI are normally connected to the motherboard via a PCI slot.

PCMCIA (Card Bus)

These adapters are designed for use with Notebooks. They are connected to the notebook via PCMCIA slots.

Mini PCI

These are designed for use with Notebooks. They require Mini PCI slots and built in antennas in the notebook.

USB Wireless Adapter

These are designed for use with a wide range of computers. They only require a USB slot in the computer to be used.

Ethernet Port

This adapter requires a cable and is normally connected to the Ethernet port of the computer. There are used with a wide range of computers.

Compact Flash Adapter

These are normally connected to handheld computers via the Compact Flash slots.

What is a USB Wireless adapter?

A wireless USB adapter allows wireless access to the internet to your desktop computer or your laptop computer. The adapter merely attaches to the exterior USB interface of the pc. The antenna technologies included in the adapter provides you with complete range of motion with your laptop, or allow you to location your desktop computer anyplace in your house with no need to make use of unattractive Ethernet wires.

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