Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

Over the past decade, the popularity of gaming has reached an all-time high. Today, novice and seasoned gamers have the opportunity to enjoy high-tech games on a variety of innovative systems. However, the introduction of the wireless gaming mouse has made the experience even more realistic and enjoyable. Of course, among the different gaming mice being sold are different levels of quality and design features. For this reason, it is important to choose the type of mouse according to game, skill level, and desired experience.

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The Birth of the Mouse
The wireless gaming mouse evolved from the first pointing device introduced in 1965 as the Computer Aided Display Control. Although for years the mouse was used only for computer use, technological advances have made it possible for gamers to use the same type device for recreational purposes. Not only is the gaming mouse designed differently but wireless technology has eliminated annoying cords.

In the world of gaming, the type of mouse can be the difference between winning and losing for many people. Although the type of products currently on the market are a far cry from those offered only a few years earlier, manufacturing companies are continually modifying and developing even more advanced designs based on consumer demand and ongoing changes with games themselves.

Key Components
Although every manufacturer puts its own special stamp on design, the wireless gaming mouse operates on much the same concept across the board. Typically, optical technology is used to track the movement of the mouse, which in turn makes it possible for DPI or Dots per Inch to be tracked by the mouse. The key to smooth operation is choosing a wireless mouse that tracks at a high DPI opposed to a low DPI. In other words, a mouse that tracks at 2,000 DPI would be better than one that tracks at 800 DPI.

One of the primary differences of a mouse used for gaming versus one used for the computer is the number of buttons. The additional three to ten buttons provide the opportunity to perform multiple actions during a game such as casting a spell, reloading a weapon, or jumping and running simultaneously. Obviously, it would be essential to purchase a mouse from a reputable company but along with this, the mouse should provide the best design and features based on gamer preference.

Creative Design Features
With the gaming market being so competitive, the number of advanced design features for the wireless gaming mouse has skyrocketed. Below we provided just a few of the unique features now being sold.

  • Cooling Fan – Mounted to the exterior of the mouse players’ hands stay dry during intense gaming sessions
  • Perfect Weight – Some of the newer products are made using more weights, which makes it possible for a person to customize the mouse, thereby improving overall precision
  • LED Lighting – Customizable LED lighting system for improved play
  • Ergonomic Shapes – For someone who spends a lot of time playing games, this type of mouse is not only more comfortable but it also reduces the risk of repetitive injury

The price for a wireless gaming mouse would depend on several factors such as the manufacturer, number and type of features, and even construction. However, you should expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $150 on average for a high quality mouse that would provide years of gaming fun. Of course, by conducting comparison shopping it would be possible to purchase one of the most popular designs at a nice discount.

While there are some gamers who believe the wireless gaming mouse to be less accurate than the wired design but others disagree. While it is true that response delays could occur, with a high quality mouse any problems should be eliminated. One particular advantage that a wired device has over one that is wired is not being affected by internal interference. Overall, the wireless design has been shown to provide a seamless gaming experience, making this the option that most people prefer.

The Perfect Wireless Gaming Mouse
We constantly review the latest and popular, wired and wireless gaming mice as they come out. So if you are looking for a high quality mouse for your gaming needs, read our expert gaming mice reviews on this website before making a purchase.

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