Best Wireless Headphones for TV

Discover the Top 6 Best Wireless Headphones For TV

Watching TV is an experience that has evolved quite a bit over the years.

In this day and age flat screen TVs are everywhere and everyone is looking for the perfect viewing experience.

There are many different options available to you when it comes to audio. You can go with the standard speakers in your television set or hookup a soundbar or surround sound set to get the best audio experience. One option that is seemingly becoming more popular every single day is the use of wireless headphones for TV. Wireless headphones can be great when it comes to your TV viewing experience for many different reasons.

A good pair of wireless headphones can cancel noise from the world around you and provide you with great quality audio for the ultimate movie watching experience.

There are many different types of wireless headphones for tv on the market today. These different types include Bluetooth, RF, and Infrared. Many different brands whether they are a well-known brand or an up and coming brand are getting in to the wireless headphone game and there is no shortage of quality headsets on the market right now. No matter what your price range is you can get a great pair of quality wireless headphones at an affordable price.

When shopping got the best pair of wireless headphones you can possibly get there are many things to consider such as comfort, range, audio quality and battery life. If you are going to be wearing wireless headphones for tv for a long period of time then comfort is a very important factor in your viewing experience. No one wants to be stuck on the couch watching a long movie with something they can’t stand wearing on their head. Range is also very important.

If you have a large living room and the range of the headphones isn’t very good then you will risk compromising the quality of the audio which is the last thing you want to do when relaxing with a movie or television show. When it comes to battery life some sets offer a rechargeable battery pack with the headset and some you will have to buy new batteries when needed in order to continue using them. You are going to want a pair of wireless headphones for TV with a decent battery life. If you can find a decent set with anywhere from 10 to 15 hours of battery life this an absolute home run in order to keep your charging time at a minimum.

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My Top 6 Wireless Headphones for TV

Wireless headphones for TV will vary in price and in quality. Some come with features that others do not. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best wireless headphones available on the market today and see how they match up to each other when compared side by side.

You can see there a quite a few different options to choose from. There are many different wireless headphone for TV brands, makes and models and these are just a few that come recommended as far as getting the most value for your hard earned money. Let’s break them all down by features:

Battery Life

When taking a look at the comparison chart you will notice that almost every headset has a different battery life. A battery life of ten hours is pretty standard in the market and definitely a good amount of time. Seeing how all of the wireless headphone for tv sets mentioned above have at least 10 hours of battery life no matter which set you choose battery life won’t be a problem. It is also worth mentioning that all of headsets listed in the chart come with rechargeable batteries. This is something you want when it comes to buying wireless headphones because replacing the batteries often can get very expensive.

Once again no matter which set you choose when it comes to batteries they are come with a rechargeable set so you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Ear pads

Earpads are a big part of comfort when it comes to wireless headphones for TV. If you’re going to be wearing headphones for long periods of time you want to be comfortable. All of the sets of headphones listed in the chart come with replaceable earpads. The option to replace your earpads is pretty crucial when it comes to extending the life of your wireless headphones. If the set works fine but the ear pads wear down it is much less expensive to replace just the earpads rather than replace the headphones themselves. This is another area where every set measures up the same.


When it comes to range the results are different all across the board. It seems that some of the more expensive sets have shorter range while the lower priced headsets have a greater range. This is something you need to think about when making your wireless headphone purchase. Things to take in to account when it comes to range are the size of your living room or other rooms where you may be watching television. If you watch TV in a large room and where you sit is a good amount of distance from your television set you may want to purchase a wireless headphone set with a long range. In most cases anywhere between 25 to 30 ft. should be sufficient but everyone’s entertainment setup is different.


All of the wireless headphones for TV listed above all transmit in stereo so you won’t find any difference there. You might notice that not all of the sets in the chart are surround sound capable. This can be a big factor when it comes to picking the wireless headphone set that’s right for you. Obviously surround sound capable wireless headphones will have a better sound quality and will enhance the movie watching experience to make it more cinematic. You can certainly get by without it as all the headsets listed above have good sound quality but surround sound is something you have to take in to account and decide whether or not it is important to you.

Warranty and Price

The prices in the comparison chart vary. While some of the best wireless headphones for tv sets come close to a price of $400 you can see that you can purchase a quality headset for under $100. Everyone has a different budget but even if you go with the lowest priced set of headphones you are still getting a quality set. The warranty information is different across the board with the longest being a lifetime warranty and the shortest being 90 days. You will have to take in to account how well you take care of your things when deciding how important this is to you.

All of the biggest factors when it comes to picking the right set of wireless headphones for tv have been put on the table. Now it is up to you to decide what is most important to you. All of the facts are listed above and no matter which set you find suitable for your needs you are sure to get a quality listening experience.

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The above are the top 6 best wireless headphones for TV that you can buy in 2020.