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Tips to Choose the Best Wireless Keyboard

It’s not easy to choose the Best Wireless Keyboard – with so many vendors competing for your money, so many beautiful designs and wonderful features, one might feel lost when choosing which keyboard to spend his dough on. However, once you think carefully how exactly you plan to use the keyboard, it’s much easier to narrow down the choice to only a few best ones.

Best Wireless Keyboard – What To Look For:

1. RF or Bluetooth

When looking at specs of different keyboards you will see that some of them use RF and some use Bluetooth to transmit data. Without getting into too much detail, let me just suggest you go for a Bluetooth one. Bluetooth keyboards are known to have a better range and better connection than their RF counterparts. I’d say the best wireless keyboard will be a Bluetooth one.

2. Multimedia keys

Wireless multimedia keyboards are awesome – they allow you to launch your email client, open your browser, raise/lower the volume or play/pause your your favorite music player, plus so much more – all with one click of a button. Imagine sitting on a couch and watching movies or playing YouTube clips on your computer. Anytime you’d like to go grab some snacks you won’t need to go back to your PC to pause the movie or a clip – if your wireless keyboard is laying best to you on the couch all you need to do is press Space (that pauses the playback in most video players and, yes, it works for YouTube too!). That’s like having a remote to your PC or Mac. Movie’s too quite? We got you covered – just use the multimedia keys to adjust the volume. Sweet huh? On the other hand if you never use your keyboard to launch your email client and don’t think you ever will – you don’t need those keys. Go for the model that doesn’t have any multimedia keys.

3.  Illuminated keys

Now this one can be a deal breaker for some and mean absolutely nothing to others (just look at how much haters did Apple create when they released their previous-gen Mac Book Air without the backlit keys. Luckily, they realized soon they made a mistake and the next version had the backlit keys back). If you frequently work in the darker areas or simply like the look of the illuminated keyboard keys – look for the keyboard that has them.

4. Keys feel

Computer keyboard is a lot like the piano keyboard – both have keys and both can be used to create either a masterpiece or some total crap. But there’s one more thing that these keyboards have in common – the keys feel. Computer keyboards can have different feel when you’re typing or gaming. It’s usually not that a big deal but if you have a chance to test the keyboard before buying – try typing a few words on each of them and see which one you like best. That said, I’ve always purchased all my keyboards online and never had any problems.

5. Ergonomic or not?

One more thing you need to decide is whether you want an ergonomic keyboard or a standard one. Ergonomic computer keyboards have a very distinct shape – they are shaped in a V form and the actual keys are separated into two blocks – for the left and right hands respectively. The idea behind ergonomic keyboards is that they help minimize muscle strain by allowing your hands to be in a more natural position when typing. While I do like the idea, in reality the only ergonomic keyboard I owned was no more comfortable to use than a usual standard keyboard. In fact it has been replaced with a standard keyboard a long time ago. If you have a chance to try the ergonomic keyboard – go ahead and decide for yourself whether you want one. If you’re buying online, just get a standard one – you won’t regret it.

6. Size

The keyboard size is a final thing you need to look into. Some prefer larger keyboards, some prefer smaller. Some keyboards have a separate block with number while others don’t.  Apple’s Wireless Keyboard is a perfect example of a small stylish keyboards which still has all the necessary functions (well, except for multimedia and backlit keys ), while Logitech K800 (which I’m typing this on) is a fairly large keyboard with a full array of multimedia keys, adjustable back lighting and perfect for big-handed guys like me.

Best Wireless Keyboard – Conclusion

Finally, when searching for the best wireless keyboard for you don’t forget to check the actual user reviews on Amazon and other online retailers – often times, they will mention some things you might have overlooked in your research. Look for how long the battery lasts, what is the range that the keyboard works in and how do the keys feel when typing.

So there you go – the list of things to look for when choosing the best wireless keyboard for your computer. Thanks for visiting us and we hope this list helps you find the perfect keyboard that will serve you for years to come.

Finally, here are the three best wireless keyboards that get raving reviews around the internet. I have owned and used all of them, and it’s hard really to name the best one – each of those is a great product. We’ll use the same criteria we’ve discussed above.

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