Best Wireless Router for Gaming – What to look for in a Gaming Router?

Best Wireless Router for Gaming

How important is gaming in the lives of people?

Gaming itself was known to be in the world of man for a very long time. From table games to gambling passed down from one era to another. But as the world has changed, so has the gaming industry.

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There aren’t just table games now, and because technology has become a big part of the live of men and women, the industry of gaming itself has developed itself and has become better for those who enjoy the magic of technology and the gaming industry.

Technology and the world of entertaining games have been merged into one, thus the culture of video gaming was born. This is known to be a form of media culture as video and computer games has increased in popularity over time, this culture has been known to have a significant influence on a number of teens as well as adults.

Video games or gaming is known to be a form of entertainment to some who don’t enjoy board games as much as they should and the industry of gaming has evolved during the course of years that have passed, particularly in significance to the world of the internet.

Because video games have been a great demand nowadays, people and manufacturers of consoles and games aimed to give the people around the world who loves gaming only the best of the best there is. Consoles have been improved, graphics have evolved to realistic designs and effects and stories have been made more dramatic to allow the gamers to merge into the game and feel the emotion as well as the action there is in the game. But what would make gaming for those who would love to compete with others in the world of video games would be a gaming router. And not just any router; everyone knows that in order to be on top you have to have the best router for gaming that the world has to offer.

Why do you need to buy a gaming router? With the help of a router, you can have the advantage of playing a game competitively. Playing a game is fun, but wouldn’t winning be more fun than just plain gaming?

There are various best router for gaming that is available for everyone. The D-Link broadband gaming router, model DGL-4100 has a 4 port switch is a wired router that many prefer over wireless routers there is. Wired routers can give you the disadvantage of cables, but you can be assured that you will have great connection via wires rather than wireless. This best router for gaming gives you power to where you need it the most with your game of choice and the design itself reduces the latency and boosts network efficiency as well as performance. It also gives you a high performance CPU, Alt-Tab or multitasking choices and a 4 port hub.

There are many more routers that you can choose from, just make sure to buy the best to be the best!
Specs of a Good Router for Gaming

Finding a good router for network gaming is now easier compared in the past when buyers were given only a few options. As multiplayer gaming becomes the top choice for gamers, so does wireless networking with the use of router rise to the top of the list of the most preferred network set ups. With this development, manufacturers have found it necessary to produce routers that are packed with features designed to make network gaming easy and worry free. This phenomenon has caused the market to be flooded with routers claiming to be the best for network gaming, leaving consumers at a loss as to which really is the perfect choice for them.

There are several specifications that a router should meet, if not exceed, to ensure smooth network gaming. Foremost of these features is the ability to maintain stable connections, as disconnections or interference, no matter how short and minimal, may ruin the whole gaming experience. An important spec to consider is the latency of the router. The less latency, the better for a gamer as this ensures efficient connection. This is especially true when using wireless router as WI-Fi connections can be hampered by various factors that may not be within the control of the user or network owner.

In connection with WI-Fi signal stability, the question of whether an 802.11g router would be stable enough comes in. Usually, networking gaming can survive on an 802.11g router set up. However, when going for a wireless network, an 802.11n is the better choice because routers of this type operate at higher speeds. Hence, before picking a good router for gaming needs, one should first decide whether to set up a wired or wireless network. While wired networks tend to be more stable, they can create a mess out of one’s house because of the wires that are often difficult to hide.

Also necessary to consider is the number of simultaneous connections allowed by a wireless router. Multiplayer games need to have several open connections at one time for gamers to enjoy the experience. Some routers may not be capable of handling numerous simultaneous connections. It is best to keep a safe distance from these types of routers. Finally, gamers must study the location of their network. If one lives in a place where there are many existing wireless networks, it is advisable to use a dual-band router. A dual-band router operates both in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency, allowing the network to use the higher range when the lower range is crowded.

There are other things that one can do to ensure that the wireless network will be up to par with the demands of multiplayer games. One of these options is to configure the router correctly in relation to the specific needs of one’s network. Some routers come with pre-defined configuration for gamers. This feature can be handy for those who are not experienced in network configuration. Once all these factors are considered, it would no longer be difficult to identify a good router for a wireless gaming network.
How to Find the Best Wireless Network Router for You

Whether one is into gaming or simple Internet surfing, a wireless network router is an essential device that should always be a part of the equation when planning to share a single Internet connection among several computers or laptops at home. Wireless networking has become popular because of its convenience and its ability to eliminate the need for cumbersome wires needed to set up the conventional network of old. However, choosing the right router for one’s needs can be a daunting task and cause wasted money and effort when done in haste. Hence, to avoid headaches long after the network has been set up, it is important to pick the right router.

The wireless router is the heart of the network. Even if one has the best Internet connection speeds and the fastest personal computers or laptops, the network could still suffer if the wrong router has been used. This is why, picking the right wireless router is very important. Routers are designed to perform various computing tasks. Some are good at one thing but labors in another. Hence, identifying the primary function or purpose of the router is important to ensure that the network will be up to the task. Take note that some routers are good for normal home use, while some are specifically designed to improve gaming experience, while others still are made for streaming videos and file sharing.

For example, if one is planning to buy a network router for gaming, the best choice is one where stability is its strongest point. Network gaming requires constant connection and fast response from the computers involved in the network. Hence, a router that constantly loses connection due to interference and other reasons should be avoided by gamers. Network games usually play within a single confined space, so that a router with superb range is not necessary. What is important is stability and high throughput, demands that can be easily met by a dual-band router with the 802.11n protocol.

When it comes to a router for an entertainment system, compatibility is the key factor to be considered. Because streaming media from one device to another is a regular occurrence in a networked entertainment system, compatibility is of paramount importance. As such, a dual-band router, which may be in conflict with some devices, is not the best option in this situation. Short-range speed above 100 Mbps is essential in a network like this to allow fast file transfers and media streaming.

As can be gleaned from above, what is the best router will depend much on the purpose or main function that the network is expected to perform. While other factors such as affordability and user-friendliness may be considered, the technical aspects should be given equal if not higher importance. The bottom line is that the router must be able to facilitate the realization of the network’s performance. Routers should be a part of the solution not the problem. To prevent the network router from becoming the central problem, the user should make sure that the right device has been picked to perform the tasks.

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