Portable Wireless Printer

Best Portable Wireless Printers

Why Portable Wireless Printer?

With increasing work pressure and the workplace extending beyond the office, there is always a need for mobile devices to allow people to work from anywhere.

In the last decade, lots of transformations have taken place in this regard and we have laptops, tablets and many other mobile computing devices. But the real portable wireless printer is a recent development. The first portable printers came with their share of wires and cables and a host of other obstacles preventing them from being a truly portable device. However, the newer portable wireless printer was the ultimate savior.

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A portable wireless printer not only provides high quality fast printing but also flexibility of use. Nowadays more and more businesses are using them to stay ahead in their highly competitive segment. These printers help increase efficiency by reducing labor costs, increasing print speed and providing accurate results.

What Are Portable Wireless Printers?

As the name suggests, a portable wireless printer is a mobile and portable printer, i.e. it is small and compact and can be carried anywhere. It works on charged batteries and have wireless connectivity and so it does not need plug points or network connections. A portable wireless printer has a powerful built-in battery that can last a full day without needing recharge. Also the wireless function allows you to connect to a mobile phone or laptop to allow printing.

A portable wireless printer is truly a boon for the modern day professionals as they equip them to print documents as and when required without being tied down to the office for doing so. This greatly reduces delays, errors associated with centralized printing operations and also increase efficiency thereby reducing need for larger workforce.

We can summarize the need for a portable wireless printer as follows:

  • It is compact and light. It is portable and can be taken to any location as per requirement.
  • It is is extremely useful in printing labels, tags, invoices and receipts at the point of service.
  • The wireless connectivity allows you to connect them with other mobile devices via Bluetooth or Internet, thereby proving more flexibility.
  • A portable wireless printer is an ideal printing solution when time lags separate a label requirement and its reaching from a centralized print source.
  • A portable wireless printer is extremely useful when you are trying to cut costs and don’t want to put a printer on every desk. Such a portable printer can be picked and carried to any part of the office as per printing needs.
  • A portable wireless printer comes in handy during business trips since you can use them at any remote location.
  • A portable wireless printer is light and compact without any tangled cables and cords so they never provide space constraints and look neat.

A portable wireless printer removes errors due to communication gaps that mostly arise in situations that require printing at the point. While printing labels, invoices etc. in case of centralized printing, there is always waste of time due to incomplete or erroneous documents due to which the task has to be done again. This can be avoided by the use of a portable wireless printer.

Customers are happier when they get their printouts and receipts without delay and waiting. We all know that happy customers are easier to retain in the highly competitive business environment.

Portable Wireless Printer Buying Guide – What look for when buying one?

Portable wireless printer and printers in general, are very essential peripherals and perform a critical role. To use your computer to its fullest potential, you need a good quality printer. With a plethora of printers to choose from, it can be quite a daunting task to choose the right printer for you within your stipulated budget. Before buying a printer, there are few important things you should consider to make sure you get your money’s worth. They are

  1. print quality,
  2. print speed,
  3. coverage area,
  4. ease of setup,
  5. extra features and price.

Print Quality in a Portable Wireless Printer

Quality is the most important aspect of a good portable wireless printer. All the specs and other features don’t mean a thing if you don’t have good quality output. Though due to the portability feature of wireless printers, their print quality is not as good as the desktop counterparts, but still quality wireless portable printers have good print resolutions. To test quality, see if the text is smooth and crisp, see the gradient of graphics and check if photo
printouts are accurate and balanced. Top quality portable printers have a resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi.

Print Speed as a Factor in Choosing a Portable Wireless Printer

Even if you have a printer with best quality prints, it is of no use if you can’t finish the job on time. To be efficient, you need to have a printer with good print speed. The previous models of portable printers were slow, but the new generation of portable printers are reasonably fast with speed as high as 22 ppm. But you should never go by the speed ratings of manufacturers. There rating is based on printing in draft mode or at lowest resolution. A more practical way of measuring speed is to note how many minutes it takes from the time you hit “print” to the time when the actual output comes.

A Portable Wireless Printer should have Adequate Coverage Area

As we are talking about wireless printers, one important feature to consider is their signal coverage area. The best wireless printers should have a large coverage area so that you can actually benefit from its wireless feature. If it is accessible in a very small area only, it defeats the whole purpose of wireless connectivity.

A Portable Wireless Wireless Printer Should be Easy to Setup

The best portable wireless printer should be easy to set up and use. Most of the latest portable wireless printers have software included in the package.

Some don’t even need installation software and come with plug-and-play feature. The easier it is to set up and use printers, the better they are considered.

A Portable Wireless Printer should have a few Extra Features

It is always nice to have some extra, useful features apart from the regular functionality. Some printers come with a memory card slot allowing you to print directly from a digital camera or other image storing device. After the card is inserted, photos can be reviewed in a number of ways depending on the printer model. Some printers even have a built-in LCD screen to review the photos.

Price as the last Factor to Consider in a Portable Wireless Printer

The last factor to consider when acquiring a portable wireless printer should be the price. A lot of people start with the price as the most important factor and end up disappointed with their buy. You should consider all the above factors first before you zero in on your choice of portable wireless printer. If you have 2 or 3 portable wireless printers that satisfy your criteria, then by all means, consider price as the final discriminating factor.

With the above tips, your search for the ideal portable wireless printer is now pointed to the right direction.

What are the benefits of a portable wireless printer?

A portable wireless printer is an underrated peripheral in a way that people who could benefit the most from it are not aware of that fact. It’s not like they can improve the quality of life for everyone, but they can certainly be very helpful to people who need quality, rapid printing on the go. A portable wireless printer is a very convenient piece of hardware that allows one to print whenever they want without the hassle of wires and cables. Also they do not need a plug point to charge them every time thanks to their powerful battery life.

If you think such a device is more beneficial to people who are on the go and who are always traveling, think again. No doubt it is useful to them but a portable wireless printer may very well be more useful at home than anywhere else.

In today’s lifestyle, almost everyone in the family needs to print at some point. The parents need it for their office work or for printing tickets.

Sometimes you may get the occasional request from the neighbor next door for a printout and more often than not kids need to print their homework. In an average family, there is one printer and it may be inconvenient for the person who has the printer in their room to cater to the print demands of the whole family. The regular printer takes lots of space and with its cables; the room can look unsightly to say the least. But if in place of a regular desktop printer there is a portable wireless printer, these issues will never arise.

If you have a portable wireless printer, you can take it to your room anytime you need a printout and do it at your own convenience without pestering anyone.

The small and compact size ensure it will not take much space and the wireless connectivity allows you to connect it to your laptop, desktop or even your cell phone and take the print outs. The portability of the printer takes the onus away from one person in the house that is responsible for printing and everyone can take care of their own printing needs in their own room. The benefits of a portable wireless printer can be truly appreciated by the family member who used to do all the printing work for the whole family!